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Premier Gold Investments is a registered Investment Adviser with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.


Premier Gold Investments was appointed as the Investment Adviser for the Premier Gold Group and the Swiss Capital Group and is also the Investment Manager for the various Hedge Funds, Equity Funds and Global Investment Fund.




Investment Advisers

Welcome to Premier Gold Investments...

Investment Advisers

Welcome to Premier Gold Investments...

Investment Advisers

Welcome to Premier Gold Investments...

Investment Advisers

Welcome to Premier Gold Investments...

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Investment Advisers
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Securities Management


Premier Gold Investments LLC supply Securities Services to a number of Premier Gold global clients. In providing innovative solutions, helping clients in various markets to optimize efficiency, mitigates risk and enhances revenue throughout its investor profilios.


Performance and risk

Maintain compliance easily and effectively amid increased regulatory demands.

Our products Analys is offered through a dedicated team of professionals who make performance measurement and risk information management easy, efficient and reliable. Analytics can measure any asset in any currency and features return, attribution and risk information down to asset level where appropriate.


Private Equity

Securities Services is highly adaptive to shifts in the economy and its unparalleled global network in the emerging and developed markets which contributes to its success.

The leading Premier Gold equity team with the understanding of the complexities of private equity fund, their structures and investment strategies, with dedicated and skilled teams across the globe providing extensive global reach with an emerging markets focus. Premier Gold offers a comprehensive private equity servicing solution.


Private and Listed shares

Premier Gold - Securities Services manage private and listed share portfolios on behalf of our institutional and individual investors to maximize on shareholder value. Attending to all shareholder functions by way of instruction and clearly defined mandates.


Trustee Services

Receive rapid response and a client-focused, proactive service from our Trustee Services team.

Our experienced technical, compliance, operational and relationship management experts can deliver value for money through decades of experience. Premier Gold Securities Services provides trustee services to clients and providers of collective investment schemes, in selected locations.


Compliance monitoring

Enjoy the confidence of knowing your investments are made fully compliant. Following the economic turmoil of recent years, compliance monitoring has achieved a higher profile for investment managers and asset owners, and is now a key component of risk management operations.

As part of a fund administration, trustee or fiduciary service, our Securities Services has an automated monitoring system that easily ensures that your investments are fully compliant with relevant regulations and investment guidelines. With our knowledge network connecting jurisdictions around the world, you can be sure you are served by local experts in a leading global market.


Fund services

We provide a range of solutions including services as an Investment Manager to funds. Meet efficiency and quality targets with our business model and automated processing, audit and reporting tools. Benefit from our advice in business continuity planning and regulatory compliance.


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